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Artificial Intelligence

Understanding Artificial Intelligence As a Branch of Computer Science



Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science that studies ways to achieve technological effects with pure computers, without the involvement of humans. Artificial intelligence is sometimes also called artificial intelligence research. Artificial intelligence is a field that studies all aspects of Artificial Intelligence and combines them to achieve particular objectives. These objectives could be related to achieving the goals in computer games, automated systems, intelligent robotic androids, e-commerce, and even medicine. Today there are many companies involved in researching Artificial Intelligence and making it available for different sectors of our society.

Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science that studies how machines can achieve specific tasks or goals in a variety of circumstances. Unlike human intelligence, which consists of emotions, human knowledge, and decision-making, the study of artificial intelligence deals with machine learning, cognitive and neural networks, optimization, and decision-making. The difference between human intelligence and artificial intelligence is that machine learning requires a huge database, whereas human intelligence only requires a small database and information available.

The main challenge for artificial intelligence today is that the databases that hold this vast information are usually too large to be stored on a personal computer. As well, many believe that storing this massive amount of data on a hard disk would slow down the system. Another challenge is that the majority of modern computers are non-stationary and must always be on, making it impractical to continuously run an Artificial Intelligence system without the help of some external tools such as sensors and actuators. This leads to another challenge in the area of artificial intelligence, that is, how to pre-formulate and train a system without having to use any sensors or actuators to “simulate the real world” using data collected from the real world.

The most recent addition to the field of Artificial Intelligence is machine learning. Machine learning deals mainly with the training of a system to solve a non-trivial problem such as recognizing a cat in the images. Machines are capable of solving these problems without human intervention. While this is a very impressive capability, many researchers believe that it will be decades before we have a machine that is capable of beating a professional poker player at poker without human help. As well, many experts in the computer science field believe that while machine learning is an important part of artificial intelligence research, it is by no means the best technique available.

Many believe that we may already have a machine, called artificial intelligence, that is capable of writing programs sufficient to create autonomous robotic convoys and soldiers. However, machine learning is considered to be the future of Artificial Intelligence. For an artificial intelligence system to be called artificial intelligence, it must be able to recognize an image of a dog, even though the dog may be a completely different color or species. Similarly, a system must be able to recognize a face, even though the face may be a completely different color or species from the person that is speaking. These artificial intelligence machines will become less useful as our society embraces more sophisticated technologies.

However, the creation of artificially intelligent machines has given some scientists worry about the potential misuse of such powerful machines. For instance, the use of a computer to scan all of the public documents of the United States government could make it easy for terrorists to prepare their attacks on the United States. Also, the creation of an artificial general intelligence system may eventually lead to the creation of super-intelligent machines with almost clairvoyant abilities. If this occurs, then we could behead the president of the United States with a simple virus, or create a supercomputer with artificial intelligence, which would then remove our president from office. With the possible future inventions, the strong I will once again become the strong weapon against our enemies.

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