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Top 5 Signs That Appear When Your Siding Needs Replacement



Siding Needs Replacement

Do you know what does not gets its due credit in your home curb appeal? The siding of your home. One realizes the importance of siding when they are in the need of a siding replacement company in Harrisburg PA

Usually, the siding replacement is not a top priority for many homeowners, however, it plays a crucial role in improving the curb appeal of a home. 

Besides, siding replacement services in Harrisburg PA now install energy-efficient siding helping you conserve your energy bills. A new siding can also enhance the worth of your home instantly.  

The thing with a siding is that after a few years it tends to fade or show troubles. This is a sign that your siding needs replacing. If you delay the repairs or the replacement, you are potentially putting your home at a huge risk of irreparable structural damages.

The question that most homeowners ask is that how can they identify if their siding needs replacing. Here are the top signs to keep an eye out for that will help you hire a siding replacement service

Cracks or rotten areas in the siding

The most obvious sign that your house needs new siding is the development of visible cracks and rotten areas. Observe the surroundings of your home and check for any cracks. Even if the cracks are small they will eventually grow big. 

You can even do some poking. Get a feel of the layer underneath, how sturdy is it? If the area beneath the cracks is rotten, then it is about time you instantly call a siding replacement service.

Development of bubble-like structures 

The next sign to watch out for is the formation of bubbles on the surface of the siding. This is a huge sign of concern. The bubble formation shows that the water has seeped into the siding creating unwanted moisture inside.

The purpose of a siding is to keep the moisture away from your home, so if you see bubbles forming, it is a sign that your siding is failing to do its job. 

Presence of fungus or mold infestation

Keep an eye out for fungal growth and mold infestation on your siding. Pay close attention to the seams of the siding. Mold and fungus grow in areas that harbor a lot of moisture, hence is a sign that you need a new siding. 

A faded appearance 

The moment you see that your house siding is losing its color and has faded areas around it, this is a red flag. It shows that the weatherproofing is no longer working. 

Even though this does not show that your siding is no longer doing its job, however, it is a good sign that you invest in fresh siding for your home. 

The need for fresh paint every now and then

Usually, after every 8-10 years the house needs a fresh coat of paint, but if your siding needs to be painted every five years, get a new siding.

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