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The Impact of Technology on Society



Technology is nothing but the combination of various known useful human activities and devices, developed to meet a need. The ultimate goal of technology is the satisfaction of a human need, whether that need is fulfilled by the performance of an activity or by the creation of new technology. Technology is therefore nothing but the total combination of various human activities and devices, developed to meet a need. For instance, new machines are invented to perform menial tasks, such as sewing, assembling, reading and analyzing maps, or playing certain computer games. All these activities were previously performed by people, but technology has made them less difficult and time-consuming by making them automatic. Also, new materials, such as plastics and composites, have been developed to perform all these menial tasks even more efficiently than the older versions.

The scope and extent of technology are thus anything but limited. It has, on the one hand, allowed man to satisfy his basic needs; on the other, has also increased the productivity of the human race as a whole by providing new and improved tools for every possible task. Thus, technology is not only a constant source of new knowledge and inventions but also a continually evolving set of tools and devices for meeting the new demands arising from new industries and techniques.

Technology has become such an important part of life that it has become a part of daily life. Every person has some possession or piece of technology within his or her possession. This technology may be a personal computer, an electronic gadget, a cellular telephone, a video game, or a set of instructions on how to build a car or a particular boat. All these things became possible because of technology. And because technology affects human needs, it affects society.

Society as a whole depends to a very large extent on technology. For instance, without the existence of aeroplanes, people would not be able to travel around very much. Without telephones, some people would not be able to communicate with others. Without automobiles, transporting the members of a society would become an arduous task. These technological advances did not happen overnight, and they have been developed over the centuries.

In the past century, the impact of technology on society and the entire world has become so great that many areas of human endeavour have been greatly enhanced through the development of new technology. One of the most obvious results of this is how aeroplanes fly. This convenience has made flying a reality for many who might otherwise not have been able to afford the plane ticket. This also has benefitted the whole world as air travel has become faster, easier, and more affordable, making it possible for people from any country to travel to other countries.

The impact of technology on society cannot be ignored. And for the sake of the future of the human species, everyone needs to embrace technology. Just look around you. All technological developments of the past century or so have helped improve the lives of those around us. Now look at the future of the human race and see the amazing things that technology is capable of doing in creating a better tomorrow for everyone.

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