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The Future of Entertainment – Using a Head Mounted VR System



Virtual reality is an entire simulated environment that could be very different or similar to the real world in every way. Many applications of virtual reality technologies include education and entertainment. Other major applications of VR-style technologies include augmented reality and blended reality, sometimes also referred to as augmented reality or multi-view, and even future reality. All these terms mean a digital reality where the user is literally “inside” a digitally recreated version of a reality (like a computer interface, for example) where the user experiences all the same physical movements one would experience if they were actually inside the system.

Augmented reality refers to the use of Virtual Reality technologies to create an environment that closely resembles the real world without the need for interaction with the physical world. This includes everything from using a car’s GPS to having the window wipers on your car drive you around when you’re in your office but not out on the streets. Another application includes immersive 3D graphics and full-body suits that give the illusion that the user is really walking or operating heavy machinery.

Mixed reality combines both augmented reality with the use of Virtual Reality. The term is somewhat misleading because the technologies can be used to do many things, not just blend with the real world. For example, a company like Google has a Project Glass which will be able to detect body movement and facial expressions. It will then interpret these movements and interpret them in the image used by the person in real life. This could be used for a variety of things, but one example includes the US Air Force looking at how soldiers can move more ergonomically in order to increase their productivity while keeping their bodies in perfect physical condition.

When we speak of “VR”, we are referring to the ability to immersing the senses into a digital realm. A good way to think about this is by comparing it to the idea of seeing a painting or a photograph. You are inside the painting or photo, but it is possible to look around and see other subjects or even other elements that aren’t part of the painting or photo. This is because you are using your senses in the digital environment and this allows you to enjoy more of the world around you because you can see, hear, touch, smell and taste in ways that you couldn’t before.

One of the biggest advantages of using Virtual Reality to enhance your senses is that you can travel virtually and interact with people that you might otherwise never be able to. Video games have been able to accomplish this for a long time, but now we are able to take that experience and jump inside a fully immersive video game. With this technology you are no longer confined to playing video games alone, but rather you have the ability to play with multiple players. It’s not that a single-player game is better, because it’s true, it’s that the interaction that you have with the other players adds to the experience. Not only does this allow you to socialize with others in an engaging way, but it also allows you to learn more about the other players, their desires, needs and wants, which help you understand them better and develops a bond.

In summary, there are many reasons why you should strongly consider using a head-mounted VR system, whether it’s through buying a development kit or using an existing HMD as a base station. Virtual reality enhances our senses at every level. We are no longer content to merely look around, but now we can step inside other people’s minds, feel what they are feeling, smell what they are smelling, and actually physically interact with other people and things in these virtual worlds. The development of new technologies such as headsets for augmented reality will create new experiences for everyone, be it the hardcore gamer, the sci-fi fan, or the person who just likes to immerse themselves in new worlds. These headsets are the future of entertainment and are fast becoming a must-have for everyone.

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