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Technology – The Driver Of Modern Life



Technology is a term that describes the combination of physical sciences with the technological practices used to enable communication and make information reachable to a broader audience. Technological change occurs rapidly because of the evolutionary nature of technology. The term was first used by the American linguist J. L. King, who used it to identify new technologies that he developed for his studies of language. In this article, we will see how the term technology applies to various fields of endeavour in science and engineering, thus making it an important field to understand.

Technology is the total set of practices, skills, and techniques used in the achievement of specific goals, for the production of specific goods or services, or in the facilitation of objectives, for the operation of specific systems. Technological change occurs rapidly because it is a result of progress in knowledge and skills plus new knowledge and skills acquired through different disciplines. Some areas in society are still very dependent on traditional practices. However, there has been a considerable technological change in other fields like education, business, and health care. As some industries have already entered into a state of industrial automation, others have yet to take the initiative.

Technology is not a single field but encompasses many. The computer and the Internet were discovered independently by different people. The computer industry is an essential part of technology. The computer systems, computer software, and computer hardware constitute the computer technology. The other fields of technology include telecommunications technology, transportation technology, energy, electronic products, medical technology, aerospace technology, communications technology, and cognitive science.

Some technological developments have made it possible for a man to survive and even thrive in a hostile environment; others have made life easy and convenient for man. One of the major inventions was the use of fire. Before this, people had to develop their fires from scratch and could only use crude weapons like pitchforks and rocks as tools. Another major technological development is the use of textile looms; these became hugely popular in Europe during the Renaissance. Improvements to the steamboat industry have made traveling across Europe much faster; nowadays, a person can commute between different countries within a few hours using a railroad.

There has been rapid growth in computer technology. There are three primary categories of computer technology: personal computers, mainframe computers, and embedded computer technology. Personal computers are designed for personal use and come with a specific operating system. Mainframe computers, on the other hand, are large-scale computers used for large companies and organizations; they are also embedded with a variety of operating systems for multiple computers.

Embedded technology refers to the integration of hardware and software. It is often used to transfer information from one computer to another. The Internet has changed the way people communicate, research, and store information. There are several other technologies that further enhance our life. With all these, technology is definitely playing an important role in our lives.

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