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Information Technology Services (IT Services) caters to all the diverse information technology needs of the University of Iowa’s students, staff, faculty, and staff members. ITS offers a variety of services, technological support, and resources to help everyone in the UI work safer, smarter, and smarter. Among its many services are computer network security management and policy enforcement; information systems management; wireless networking management; information technology training; and software development. Some other services offered by IT Services include hardware setup, desktop assistance, training courses, training manuals, installation or programming, network configuration, system optimization, antivirus support, email support, security management, network maintenance, mailing list management, system integration, video surveillance, system installation or repair, hardware replacement, and more.

The University of Iowa is located in Iowa City, Iowa, home to the rich and diverse community of students, faculty, staff, and other professionals drawn from all over the world. One way the university highlights its commitment to technology is that it has one of the best public cloud computing centers in the country. Located on the University of Iowa’s Information Resources Center (IRCS), the Information Technology Services center serves all facets of information technology management and implementation.

The Information Resources Center is divided into two main sections: Information Technology Services and Information Management Services. The department is comprised of four main units: IT Leadership, Database Management Services, Information Technology Policy, and Information Science and Engineering. The Information Technology Services group houses over 100 full-time equivalent personnel dedicated to managing information technology projects and ensuring that the university complies with federal requirements. The project portfolio for this unit covers everything from basic to advanced engineering research and development, computer software design and implementation, network architecture and design, development and analysis, hardware and software management, manufacturing standards, documentation standards, network monitoring, system testing, security, network communications, training courses and seminars, business processes improvement, and consulting opportunities. Also, the center participates in industry conferences and events, conducts internship and training opportunities, develops information products, and presents a monthly forum.

The Information Technology Services Department manages the development, implementation, management, and integration of information technology systems. Within the department are six departments: Database Management Services, Enterprise Information Technology Services, Internet Collection, and Delivery Service, Internet Delivery Service, Information Technology Management, Software Development and Consulting, and Information Technology Security Management. Also, the department hosts six Information Technology campuses across the state of Iowa. At these campuses, graduates in information technology systems take classes such as Computer Networks and Technology, Software Engineering, Project Management, Network Administration, and Web Development. Students are also able to choose electives from courses such as Multichannel Video Content Management, Web Service Development, Graphic Design and Animation, Software Testing, Web Site Development, multimedia, and Visual Computing. Iowa State University has over 25 campuses and is one of the largest schools in the State of Iowa.

For those students who are interested in working in the Information Technology Services career field, the first main article will provide you with an overview of the career opportunities in this field. The second main article will explain to you how to go about the ITAS career path. Last but not least, the article will provide an in-depth look at Iowa State University’s information technology educational facilities and their online degree programs.

The main article has provided a quick overview of what it takes to work in the ITAS profession. It gave you a general idea of how information technology and computer networking intersect and how that intersects with computer processing and data processing. The second main article discussed how you can apply your IT knowledge and skills to various sectors including web services, internet application development, corporate image building, multimedia, and more. Finally, the article provided an in-depth look at Iowa State University’s information technology educational facilities and their online degree programs.

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