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5 Ways Augmented Reality Is Going Mainstream



Augmented Reality is the development of technology that makes use of 3D images and digital data to project themselves onto other surfaces. It includes such examples as Google Glass, Smartglass, Wii, augmented reality cameras, video surveillance equipment, and the like. These technologies allow users to interact with the real world using their digital devices. Augmented Reality can be defined as a technology that combines two or more digitally supported devices to create a new form of input. Such devices may include cameras, smartphones, tablet PCs, game consoles, digital signage, wearable computers, and so on. The Internet has also played a vital role in augmented reality applications.

There are several advantages of using these technologies. For example, the most obvious one is to take full advantage of the camera-based augmented reality experiences offered by smartphones. By capturing a moving image of a car, for example, a user can then view the same on the road in front of him, along with other cars, trees, buildings, and the like. This is done by the smartphone’s camera, with the GPS sensors, on the head-worn computer of the user.

The second advantage is its ability to capture digital information to save and share. For example, if a user needs to find the nearest restaurant, he just needs to use his smartphone to get the location. With the help of the camera, the location of all the places that the user needs to visit at a particular time is automatically captured and presented on the screen of the smartphone, in a map-like fashion. This allows the user to easily browse through the map to find the best option for his trip.

The third advantage is the capturing, editing, and distributing of this digital content. In this case, the smartphone uses the same software programs that are used to develop the augmented reality application. This means that these apps can be downloaded from the Android Market or the Apple Store, and the user just needs to install them onto his smartphone to enjoy these advantages.

The fourth advantage is that these augmented reality apps are designed to give the users a rich user experience. These programs work well with the multi-touch feature of smartphones. They offer a user several useful features. For one, they allow the users to add and edit photos and videos. They also offer text-to-speech capabilities, so that the speaker can customize his messages to the extent that he wants.

The fifth advantage is its availability. Augmented reality glasses are already available from prominent stores. They are not going mainstream any time soon, but they have already become a must-have for technology enthusiasts. The glasses can also be used with Google Cardboard.

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